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Finland — Work Sesshin With Karen Terzano

Welcome to the yearly work sesshin from Wednesday 12th June to Sunday 16th in Lammi Retreat Center!

On this sesshin there will be equal amounts of zazen and work (house repairing, making cushions, gardening etc.). Work sesshin is a great opportunity to find the value of practise in everyday life and enjoy working in a cosy atmosphere.

Sesshin is a Zen retreat mainly in silence which usually lasts for several days at a time. Sesshin includes several hours of formal zazen, talks by the teacher, private teacher student meetings, chanting, work periods, rest and meals. One can not read books, use computers, phones, listen to mp3 players etc. during the sesshin.

There will be simple, vegetarian food during the sesshin.

Registration can be found here

Price for 4 days
Members: 166€
Non-members: 189€

If you have any questions about the sesshin, please contact jikido Janika Tanni (

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