The Ordinary Mind Zendo association was established at Tampere, on 21st of August, in 2013. The association was born from the need to organize Ordinary Mind Zendo’s activities and finances in Finland, as well as maintain and evolve the general background for the sangha – to create a possibility for people in the sangha to become members of the association and therefore become involved in maintaining the group financially as well as in practice.

The association was established as a non-profit, whose profits go into the upkeep of the local zendos as well as the Lammi center. The association also supports the zen teacher Karen Terzano’s work.

Association bylaws

Association’s bylaws can be seen from this link

The association board

The association board manages the organizational and financial sides of the OMZ activity.
The association board has no direct role or say about the buddhist practices within the sangha – it’s role is NOT to work as a authorative element within the groups culture or philosophy. The association is the organizational backbone for the sangha, which itself, maintains and evolves the buddhist practices in their local zendos and within the Lammi center.

However, whenever needed, the board can address and comment on any possible situation within or involving the group activities through official statements. In situations like these, board meeting is called upon when needed.

The board members wish that the members of the group are involved in the development of the group and it’s future. Any member of the group can address the board and raise questions as well as address any practical issue.

Board meetings and documents

The meetings are usually held through Skype, and the annual meetings are usually held in Lammi center, and are open for all the members (and non-members) of the association. The notes from the meetings are available to members of the association, by request.

The notes from the annual meetings, the agenda and the budget are shared to the members of the association through the email subscription list annually.

The association board is formed in annual meetings – a new chairman, treasurer, auditor(s), vice chairman and other board members are chosen.

Current board members:

Here are the current board members in alphabetical order, by surname.
Listed are their other, primary organizational roles as well. This list will change whenever a new board is formed.



Jani Henttonen – vice chairman / public relations
Martti Kuoppa – chairman / marketing
Pekka Kuusela – treasurer
Anna Näveri – board member
Ville Pursiainen – Lammi construction & renovations
Karen Terzano – board member
Timo Teräväinen – (vice member) Lammi center reservations and rentals / Helsinki Zendo

Contact: (phone numbers only by request)

Jani Henttonen: jani_kristian(at)
Martti Kuoppa: martti.antero.kuoppa(at)
Pekka Kuusela: peekuu99(at)
Anna Näveri: anna.naveri(at)
Ville Pursiainen: ville.pursiainen(at)
Karen Terzano: karenterzano(at)
Timo Teräväinen: timo.teravainen(at)