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Finland — Jukai Sesshin With Karen Terzano

This time our Jukai sesshin* will be quite special!

Denkai ceremony takes place on Thursday afternoon and as usual, on Friday evening there will be a Jukai ceremony, in which a group of students will receive the Bodhisattva precepts and formally become Buddhists.

But also - for the very first time in the history of Ordinary Mind Zendo here in Finland - there will be a Denkai ceremony. Those who receive Denkai are authorized to teach in our lineage.

On this sesshin three person will receive this authorization from our teacher Karen Terzano: one from Finland, one from Sweden, and one from USA.

After the ceremonies, both the Jukai participants as well as the new teachers, will all be giving a short talk during the evening and the next day.

Given this special nature of the sesshin, we are expecting a very full house, so signing in early is advised! **Registration is now closed**

If you have any questions, contact the jikido Jani Henttonen:

*Sesshin is a Zen retreat in silence which usually lasts for several days at a time. Sesshin includes several hours of formal zazen, talks by the teacher, private teacher student meetings, chanting, work periods, rest and meals. One can not read books, use computers, phones, listen to mp3 players etc. during the sesshin. There will be simple, vegetarian food during the sesshin.)